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52,99 EUR*
Details Lessons in Learning, e-Learning, and Training: Reflections and Perspectives for the Bewildered Trainer

Lessons in Learning, e-Learning, and Training From Roger C. Schank-one of the most highly respected thinkers, writers, and speakers in the training, learning, and e-learning community-comes a compelling book of essays that explore the myriad issues ...

47,89 EUR*
Details Designing Successful E-Learning: Forget What You Know About Instructional Design and Do Something Interesting - Michael Allen's Online Learning Library (Essential Tools Resource)

Designing Successful e-Learning This is the second volume of six in Michael Allen's e-Learning Library-a comprehensive collection of proven techniques for creating e-learning applications that achieve targeted behavioral outcomes through meaningful ...

170,99 EUR*
Details E-Infrastructures and Technologies for Lifelong Learning: Next Generation Environments

E-Infrastructures and Technologies for Lifelong Learning Provides a comprehensive review of the various technologies for e-learning and lifelong learning, examining theoretical approaches, models, architectures, systems and applications. This title ...

37,44 EUR*
Details Moodle 2.0 E-Learning Course Development

No Moodle 2.0 E-Learning Course Development Read a customer review or write one .

81,49 EUR*
Details E-Learning and Virtual Science Centers

E-Learning and Virtual Science Centers E-Learning and Virtual Science Centers addresses an aspect of Web-based education that has not attracted sufficient attention in the international research literature that of virtual science centers, the ...

51,90 EUR*
Details The e-Learning Reader

The e-learning Reader Technological advancements have revolutionised the field of learning over the years and are continuing to push the boundaries of institutions towards different forms of knowledge construction, social interaction and meaning ...

56,66 EUR*
Details Principles of E-Learning Systems Engineering (Chandos Information Professional)

Principles of E-learning Systems Engineering The book integrates the principles of software engineering with the principles of educational theory, and applies them to the problems of e-learning development, thus establishing the discipline of E ...

37,69 EUR*
Details E-Learning and Social Networking Handbook: Resources for Higher Education

The E-learning and Social Networking Handbook Aims to provide the reader with information to appreciate the value of social networking, especially for distributed education. Through highlighting the aspects of e-Learning this book provides advice for ...

46,47 EUR*
Details Engaging Learning: Designing e-Learning Simulation Games (Pfeiffer Essential Resources for Training and HR Professionals)

Engaging Learning This book shows how the elements of engagement and the elements of effective learning align in a synergistic way. It reveals how to understand this alignment and exploit it to achieve more effective learning and more engaging ...

45,49 EUR*
Details E-Learning and Disability in Higher Education: Accessibility Research and Practice

E-learning and Disability in Higher Education Examining the social, educational and political background behind making e-learning accessible in higher and further education, this guide evaluates practice and provision, and explores the tools, methods ...

90,99 EUR*
Details Control and Constraint in E-Learning: Choosing When to Choose

Control and Constraint in E-Learning Every learner is on a trajectory, an individual path that involves choices and decisions about where to go next. The innovative thought of e-learning is reaching astronomical proportions and is becoming processed ...

10,70 EUR*
Details Le Piattaforme Di E-Learning Ed Il Ruolo Dell'Amministratore

L'obiettivo di questo lavoro e di produrre un modello di valutazione per le piattaforme di e-learning, valutate dal punto di vista dell'amministratore del sistema. Preliminarmente, e stato prodotto un sistema di valutazione senza avere consultato ...

171,99 EUR*
Details Collective Intelligence and E-Learning 2.0: Implications of Web-Based Communities and Networking (Premier Reference Source)

Collective Intelligence and E-learning 2.0 Provides reference to the advancements in the area of educational technology and e-learning. This title includes a selection of chapters addressing research, case studies, best practices, pedagogical ...